Client Testimonials


Jheri Client Testimonial|"I worked out with Kim two days a week my entire pregnancy. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. She knew how to modify my workouts as I got bigger, as ligaments became looser, and through all the physical ups and downs your body goes through during pregnancy. She recommended activities to do outside our workout times and was able to help me get through some discomfort by suggesting stretches and talking to a chiropractor.  Kim was always encouraging and knew how to keep me motivated to stay active. I trust her completely and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to stay active during pregnancy. She is a great person and coach. She played a big part in keeping me healthy and strong and giving me the ability to give birth at home naturally. If I had to do it all over again I would definitely work out with her again." ---Jheri


"Two months afAmal Client Testimonial | www.mamawithabarbell.comter delivering my baby I was looking for positive reinforcement and self-motivation to get on an exercise plan and that's when I met the amazing trainer Kimberly Araujo!  I trained with her 4 times a week and in 10 months I went from a size 12 to a size 6!! She kept me on track with her positive attitude, confidence and determination!  I couldn't have done it without Kimberly...No quick fixes.  She set goals for me and helped to transform my "diet" to a lifestyle change.  I feel healthy and energetic enough to keep up with my 3 boys and above all I feel AMAZING!!" ---Amal


"Thank you sweet lady! Couldn't keep it up without your nutrition help! I had no idea how to eat, change my body composition, nurse and train to make gains all at the same time! I'm so honored to have you giving me this type of coaching! You have no idea what you've done for me." ---Charli


"Last December I had my first baby and postpartum hit me hard. I was unable to work out for five weeks and I found myself eating anything convenient.  After 4 months of this I was feeling starving, run down, and like I was never going to lose my postpartum “muffin top." I found Kimberly's website and it seemed to be exactly what I needed.  I emailed her and received a response almost instantly.  She quickly assessed my lifestyle and provided me with a macro break down fit for me.  After a week of following her plan I was still hungry and Kimberly was quick to respond with a calorie increase and plan which I have been following for 4 months.  She explained in detail why she chose the percentages she did. Within 3 weeks I had lost about 6 pounds which put me at my goal weight, I was sleeping better, wod-ding better and had much more energy. I was also able to email her with any question I had about how to track and log my food.  Now that summer is over I am ready to reassess and start following one of Kimberly's macro plans again!  She has been amazing to work with and I plan to keep her as a consultant as factors in my life change and I need to change things up!" --- Shannon


Melinda Client Testimonial| #postpartum #weightloss #strengthtraining #pregnancy #fitness #exercise |"Kim has been amazing to work with during my postpartum rehabilitation.  I was extremely eager to jump back into a fitness routine.  Even though I knew that birth was taxing on your body, I did not realize that I needed a completely new approach to allow for proper healing.  Over the last couple of months, Kim has been educating me on correct form and exercises that have allowed me to repair, strengthen, and challenge my body.  Kim is extremely knowledgeable, her workouts are targeted to tackle everyday life scenarios that you need the proper strength and form to complete.  She reminds me to be kind to myself and that it is a journey, not a sprint." --- Melinda

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"I started working with Kim 5 weeks after giving birth.  I had already dropped 25 lbs, but the last 5-8 pounds were feeling impossible to lose! I had worked out often before pregnancy, but I didn't know exactly how to safely regain my strength and build my muscle back.  I felt physically weak and unsure about how to safely begin strength training again postpartum.  I knew slowly regaining my muscle strength and staying accountable with a coach would be key to dropping the last pounds and feeling good about my body.  Throughout each workout, Kim shared her extensive knowledge about the pelvic floor and how to properly strengthen a woman's body after her.  Her circuits and resistance exercises not only challenged me, but they also motivated me.  Kim's workouts have truly helped me begin to reshape and restrengthen my body-especially my legs and glutes!  I may be a mom now, but that doesn't mean that I have to fall into the lie that I am stuck with a "mom-body."  I am confident that Kim's workouts will help any new mom grow confident in their own skin again!" --- Tania