Hi Mama!

You deserve to...

• Feel strong and confident in your body in all stages of motherhood
• Live your healthiest, most fulfilling life.
• Feel empowered to be the best possible version of yourself!

Get fit, love your body, and dominate motherhood!

Mama With A Barbell Mantra

Get Fit.

I help women achieve their fitness goals during ALL stages of motherhood with personalized workout programming and nutrition coaching.  Prepare for the demands of pregnancy and postpartum recovery and feel successful in your fitness journey even if you are managing diastasis recti or pelvic floor symptoms.

Love Your Body. 

I'll help you practice loving yourself and honoring your body no matter what motherhood throws at you. I’ll give you the tools you need to feel strong and confident in your body and how to maintain your results for life!

Dominate Motherhood! 

No restrictive diets or lengthy workout programs that are impossible to maintain in your busy life. Discover the energy you need to live your best life, keep up with your kids, and be the supermom you want to be!

Hi! I’m Kimberly and I’m just like you…


pregnancy personal trainer, postpartum personal trainer, orange county, dana pointI’m a busy mom of two.  It’s a constant struggle to find balance between work, marriage, parenting and still trying to maintain my own health and fitness. I know what works and what doesn’t work for us busy mama’s and I want to help!

I am passionate about helping mama’s like you live their best life!  I want you to feel strong and confident and to have energy to chase your kiddos around the park.

I want to help you achieve happiness and balance in your life with efficient and effective workouts and sustainable healthy eating habits.  Fitness that’s compatible with #momlife.

You deserve quality coaching for one of the most important phases of your life!


You want to have a healthy pregnancy or recover stronger than ever after having a baby but information about prenatal and postpartum fitness can be confusing and overwhelming.

If you are participating in group fitness classes you may get help with modifications for certain exercises or you may get no help adjusting your workouts.

The advice from your doctor probably wasn’t very helpful either.  Your doctor might have told you to avoid certain movements or to just “listen to your body.” Or they “cleared” you to exercise 6 weeks after giving birth and you are thinking “now what?”

How do you know what information is helpful and what isn’t?  Growing a human and recovering from childbirth requires so much from our bodies.  It’s a wonderful but vulnerable time in our lives and definitely not the time to trust your health to just anybody.

Your body is worthy of special consideration and care whether you are trying to conceive, pregnant or postpartum. You deserve a fitness program that goes beyond modifying; I promise workouts that will prepare and strengthen your body for the unique challenges and tasks of your particular stage of motherhood.

Without proper guidance, prenatal and postpartum exercise can be more harmful than helpful.   You deserve to work with a qualified professional who uses a science-backed approach to prenatal and postpartum fitness not just an instagram fitness celebrity.

I have worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years and have earned numerous respected certifications including specialized training and experience working with pregnant and postpartum women. I take my education and responsibility to my clients very seriously. Plus, I’m a mama just like you.  Let’s go on this journey together!

This is the
best time in your life
to invest in your health!

Less pregnancy weight gain, fewer pregnancy symptoms.

Women who exercise during pregnancy tend to gain less weight and experience fewer symptoms such as nausea, insomnia, fatigue, and back pain.

Faster labor and easier recovery.

Women who exercise tend to have shorter labors and recover more quickly after birth. Labor and birth are unpredictable but an appropriate pregnancy training program can help you cope and adapt physically and mentally!

Efficient and effective workouts built for #momlife

You can make consistent progress and achieve great results with short, focused workouts.

Rehab your core and pelvic floor

Help manage and improve diastasis recti and pelvic floor symptoms like leaking and pain. Stengthen your abs and rebuild your core without causing more harm.

Flexible, balanced nutrition.

Learn how to focus on nutrient dense foods that supply your body with the fuel it needs for your specific stage of motherhood. From growing a baby to recovering postpartum to breastfeeding, learn how to eat well and still have the freedom to eat foods you enjoy.

Are you ready to get fit, love your body and dominate motherhood?


Are you looking for an exercise program that’s designed specifically for pregnant and postpartum bodies?


Are you thinking about conceiving or are you already pregnant and want to have your healthiest pregnancy?


Are you a new mom who is overwhelmed and out-of-touch with your new body and don’t know where to start?

Let me help you feel strong and confident so you can be the best possible Mama, partner, and ideal version of yourself!

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