Nutrition Coaching

Looking for help with your nutrition?

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand and it can be especially difficult to figure out what/how much to eat when you are pregnant or nursing (or both!).  However, most doctors, personal trainers, and nutrition experts lack the experience or specialized training required to work with the unique nutritional needs of active mama's.  Individualized nutrition coaching will give you the support and accountability you need to reach your goals!

Why work with me?

I have a Fitness Nutrition Specialization from NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and I'm currently working on the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification.  I also have years of experience coaching clients and experimenting with my own nutrition.  Plus, I have personal and professional experience with nutrition for pregnancy and breastfeeding.  I nursed my two babies for a total of over 3.5 years.  Making food for another human being requires additional consideration when it comes to how you fuel your body.  The relationship between postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, and weight-loss is complicated; Let me help uncomplicate things and get you on the path to success!

Getting Started

Based on a detailed questionnaire, I will customize a nutrition plan that meets your preferences, needs, and goals.  Once purchased, your custom nutrition plan and nutrition guides are emailed within 2 business days.  From there, I will be providing ongoing support and accountability to help you stay on track towards your goals. With professional coaching and support you will finally reach your health and weight-loss goals that you haven't been able to reach on your own.  The best thing about this plan is that you will be able to tailor your diet to include foods that you like to eat! Please contact me with any questions!

Nutrition Coaching $100/month

  • Personalized macros or habit-based nutrition plan
  • WEEKLY check-ins via text and email
  • BIWEEKLY 30 minute coaching calls
  • Text access and support