My Pregnancy Workouts: 9 to 13 weeks

IMG_1407.JPGThe second half of my first trimester brought a couple of challenges to working out but I was still able to get a workout in at least a few times a week.  Right after we announced our pregnancy, I came down with what I thought was a cold.  Well the sick feeling and headaches have since faded but the congestion seems to be here to stay.  I also started battling fatigue which was only made worse by the heat wave we had.  Ninety plus degree temps at home and in the gym did not give me much motivation to workout so I had to get creative.  Luckily, our condo has a small pool so I started swimming a little bit to cool off and get a little exercise.  But, to end on a good note, the temps cooled off just in time for my first trimester to come to a close and my husband and I had the opportunity to go to Disneyland on the last day of my first trimester! We had such a blast and somehow I lasted through 15 hours of Disney fun.  I went on all the big rides and felt great! Can’t wait to see what the second trimester has in store!

Here’s what my workouts looked like for weeks 9 through 13:

Aug 18-24 Week 9 A1. 3×5 back squats 135# A. 2500m row A. 5×3 power cleans 95#
A2. 3xME strict pull-ups B. 3×5 strict press 65#
B. Every 3 mins for 12 mins: 200m run then 7 back squats 95# 7 pull-ups C. 3 rounds: 15 push-ups ~800m hill run 1:1 rest after each round
Aug 25-31 Week 10 A1. 3×5 back squats 135# A. 4×5 strict press 65# A. 6×5 floor press 65# A. 500m row
A2. 3xME strict pull-ups B. 4×10 bent over rows 65# B. 4 sets ME bicep curls 35# B. 8 intervals on the rower 30s on/30s off
B. 6 rounds: 3 p clean 85# 6 push-ups 9 wallballs 9:08 C. 4 sets 15 tricep ext 10# each side
Sept 1-7 Week 11 Swim 30 mins A. 21-15-9 Db pp 20# t2b box jumps 20″ 11:09 Swim 30 mins A. EMOM for 12 mins alt 5 pp 75# 5 cal AD
Sept 8-14 Week 12 A. 5 front squats 95# every 3 mins for 18 mins A. EMOM for 6 mins 5 deadlifts 135# A. Tabata squats pushups situps lunges A. Swim with my niece about 1-1 1/2 hours
B. 18-15-12-9-6-3 kb swings 35# burpees situps 13:00 B. Bench press 5×5 75# and trucep ext 4×15 10#
Sept 15-21 Week 13 A1. 3×5 back squats 115# A. 3×5 strict press 65# A. 3 squat snatches EMOM for 8 mins 65#
A2. 3xME strict pull-ups B. 3×10 single arm kb croc rows 35#
B. 3 rounds: 50 dus 25 wallballs 14# 10 burpee pullups B. 9 min AMRAP 31 ball slam buy in then 9 power cleans 75# 16 box jumps 20″


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