My Pregnancy Workouts: 4 to 8 Weeks

I wouldn’t be a very good trainer or coach if I didn’t also practice what I preach so I have been documenting all my workouts since I found out I was pregnant about a month and a half ago.  I am not sharing this because I want other people to follow my workouts necessarily but more to show other pregnant women one example of what you can still do even though you are pregnant.  What is right for me is not going to be right for everybody but continuing to do CrossFit-style training 3-5 times a week works for me and helps me stay fit, healthy, and feeling my best! Throughout my first month of pregnancy I felt really good and I didn’t really have to make any changes to my normal workout routine.  I let feel and form dictate the load that I used for each movement and as soon as my form started to suffer I wouldn’t go any higher in weight.

I was surprised at how much I had to scale my weights even at this early in my pregnancy BUT, to be fair, I hadn’t really worked out much if at all for the month leading up until conceiving.  As I talked about in my personal story in my last post, my husband and I had gone on a lovely week long vacation/honeymooon only to come back to the chaos of having to apartment hunt, pack/move, and deal with mold issues.  Up until our vacation, I had been working out really hard 5 times a week and was feeling really strong.  After about a month off, however, my strength was down by approximately 20%which of course is frustrating.  As annoying as it is, sometimes life does get in the way and you have to take a little break (like I did) but it’s important to always get back to a routine as soon as you can.  And that’s exactly what I did.  Because I got pregnant right after this little set-back I wasn’t able to build back that strength before having to scale back for the pregnancy but I just have to be grateful for what I am able to do and how even though I might not be doing weights that I could do just a few months ago, I am still doing more than what many women think is possible pregnant or not.  I am so thankful to be healthy enough to workout and be able to take good care of my body and my baby and THAT is all that matters!!

Despite having to scale my weights back already, which really surprised me, I can’t complain because I haven’t had to suffer the effects of morning sickness at all.  I know, I know…a lot of women are going to hate me for this but I am purely being honest about my experience.  Every woman is different and from what my mom tells me about her and her mom’s pregnancies, I just hit the genetic jackpot.  In these early weeks, feeling good actually freaked me out a little.  I was expecting to get at least a little nauseous but since I didn’t really get that I kept second-guessing whether I was still pregnant!  My husband kept laughing at me as I would take another pregnancy test every so often just to be sure.  So other than feeling a little more tired than usual, I felt really good so I had no excuse not to workout at least  a few times per week and honestly working out made me feel even better despite not always feeling like it.  Sure some days I wouldn’t always workout for a full hour but I would make it a point to do at least something a minimum of three times a week.

So without any further ado, here are my pregnancy workouts from 4 to 8 weeks pregnant:


Pregnancy Workouts from 4 to 8 Weeks Pregnant

July 14-20 4 Weeks A. Row 500m A.Tabata lunges push-ups sit-ups and squats 4 intervals each A. 7×3 Back squat @ 145# every 2 mins A. 1 rm power clean 115# then 3×7 tng at 85# A. 5×5 bench press 80#
B. 5 sets of 1 power clean+2 front squats+1 split jerk 95# every 60s B.5×3 hang power snatch 75# B. 15-12-9-6-3 Deadlift 135# Airdyne for cal and wallballs 14# 15:17 B. 1000m row then 3 rounds: 4 strict ring dips 8 kipping pull-ups 16 kb swings 35# B. 5×12 croc rows 30# db each arm
C.25m prowler push 135# 10 ball slams 20# 1 prowler 10 db strict press 15# C. 10 rounds: 150m row 8 later burpees over rower 30s rest 17:56
1 prowler 8 ball slams 1 prowler 8 press…6..4..2
July 21-27 5 Weeks A. 7×2 squat snatch 3 at 75# 4 at 80# A. 5×3 hang power clean 85-95-90-90-95-95 A. Back squat 6×4 135# A. 1RM front squat 145# A. Find heavy pp single 105# then 6×2 at 80% 85#
B. 3 rounds: 200m run 10 strict hspu (1abmat) 5 c&j 85# 10:28 B. every 2 mins: 30 du’s 5 front squats 85# 5 lateral bar burpees 5 sets B. 2000m row B. 3 rounds: 15 db thrusters 20# 15 burpees 200m run
July 28-Aug 3 6 Weeks A. 3 back squats EMOM for 10 mins at 115# A. 10 bent over rows 75# 15 BE repeat 4x A. 6×3 hi hang pause snatch 75# A. Find heavy bear complex 95# then perform 5 sets
B. 3 rounds: 25 cal AD and 25 pp 65# rest 2 mins 21:18 B. 3 rounds: 40 OH walking lunges 25# 20 push-ups 10 t2b 15:08 B. 6-5-4-3-2-1-2-3-4-5-6 deadlifts 145# and bar facing burpees B. Tabata ball slams sit-ups and pull-ups
Aug 4-10 7 Weeks A. Back squat 6×4 115# A. Pause hi hang snatch 5×3 75# A. Partner wod: 500m row then 21-15-9 synchronized thrusters 65# t2b and synchronized kb swings 35# 500m row
B. Elizabeth 21-15-9 power cleans ring dips 8:22 75# red band B. 4×10 back lunges 75#
Aug 11-17 Week 8 A1. 3×5 back squats 135# A. 5×3 hang snatch (high) 75# A. 5×3 split jerk 90#
A2. 3xME strict pull-ups B. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 pull-ups and burpees 8:59 B. 3 rounds: 15 pp 60# 30 jumping lunges 25 double unders 7:19

My Pregnancy Workouts: Weeks 4 to 8

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