My Pregnancy Workouts: 28 to 31 Weeks

Wow!! The second trimester flew by and I began the third trimester right after Christmas.  Since the third trimester began, everything has begun to get very exciting and very real! I continue to be thankful for having such a healthy and easy pregnancy.  I past my glucose screening with no problems at 28 weeks and my blood pressure, weight gain. and baby’s heartbeat have all been perfect! I couldn’t ask for anything more than that!

The third trimester has launched me into preparation mode.  My husband and I decided not to take any childbirth classes but I have been reading and researching a lot on my own.  It’s not that I think that childbirth will be easy or that I know it all.  I am very aware that labor will be difficult, probably the most challenging feat I will ever accomplish in my life, and I recognize that I am in no way completely prepared for what I am getting myself into especially because I am choosing to do a natural birth at a birth center.  It’s just that I don’t think any class, video, book, meditation exercises etc. can ever really prepare you for birth and I would rather not spend hundreds of dollars trying in vain to prepare myself for a completely unknowable, unpredictable, and uncontrollable event.  I am definitely trying to educate myself as much as possible about the stages of labor and delivery and what to expect but beyond that I have to believe that what ever physical, emotional, and/or spiritual strength I need to get through the childbirth process is already within me.  I also have to believe that the type of exercise/physical training I do will at least give me some advantages when it comes to birth.  Not just because I am physically fit for the most important athletic event of my life but also because the type of workouts I do require me to be calm and focused even under very demanding and uncomfortable, sometimes painful, conditions.  The only way of knowing what to expect is to experience it so I’ll let you know how it goes after the fact!

Anyway, more about my workouts. I’ve still been feeling really good in my workouts and continuing to make smart modifications.  The only thing that is a little frustrating is that my repertoire of movements, if you will, has diminished.  Running is out, ab stuff is out, same with handstand pushups, pistols, kipping pullups, snatches….just means I have to get more creative to keep things varied and fun.  I am also doing more isolation movements (yea bicep curls and the like) since becoming pregnant just because it’s fun to work those smaller muscle groups sometimes and it helps add variety!

My Workouts

December 29-January 4
Week 28
A. 3 rounds 1 min AMRAP each station: ring dips Russian kb swing 35# ball slams 20# ring rows row for cal min restA. 31 cal row 31 pp 55# 31 back squat 75# 31 burpees 31 step ups 31 kb swings then repeat in reverseA. 14 min AMRAP 21 Russian kb swings 14 lunges 7 s2oh 70#A. Mile walk
B. 3000m rowB. Bicep curls, tricep kickbacks and delt flys
January 5-11
Week 29
A. 2RM strict pressA. 4x10 bent over rows 75#A. 8x2 front squats 105#A. 5x5 deadlift 125#A. 3 rounds: 500m row 21 step ups 15# 12 pushups
B. Jackie 1000m row 50 thrusters 35# 30 pullups strict red bands 12:39B. 18 min AMRAP 15 step ups 12 s2o 65# 9 ball slams 20#B. 5 power cleans 85# 100 singles 4 p cleans 80 singles 3 p cleans 60 singles 2 p cleans 40 singles 1 p clean 20 singlesB. 12 min AMRAP 10 tire flips 10 db strict press 20# 10 cal rowB. 3x20 tricep ext each arm
January 12-18
Week 30
A. 5x5 strict press 65# then 10 at 45#A. 4x10 bulgarian split squats 45#A. Tabata pullups squats pushups lunges and kb swingsA. Bring Sally Up 35#A. 2000m row
B. 20 min AMRAP 5 power clean 85# 10 ring rows 15 wallballs 14#B. Row intervals 30s on 30s rest for 12 minsB. 5x3 back squats 125#B. 5x5 Incline press 70#
C. 3x20 should raise front and crabwalk
January 19-25
Week 31
A. 4x10 seated db shoulder press 20#A. 5x3 deadlifts 155#A. 5 sets of 3 behind the neck snatch grip press 3 snatch balance 55#
B. 10 min EMOM 10 wallballsB. 4 rounds: 10 pp 65# 10 ring rows 10 pushupsB. 15-12-9-12-15 strict chin-ups ring rips jumping lunges (per leg) and row for cal
C. 3x10 single arm db row+tricep kickback each arm 15#

My Pregnancy Workouts: 28 to 31 Weeks |

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