My Pregnancy Workouts: 23 to 27 Weeks

IMG_1648.JPGI can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going! It seems like I was just finishing up my first trimester and here I am starting my third!  I am so excited to meet my baby boy but it seems like there is still so much to do in the weeks that are left.  Thankfully, I still feel great and I completely attribute this to staying active and eating reasonably healthy.  I think I have found a really good balance between working out/eating right and giving myself a little bit of leeway.  For example, I am continuing to get in a minimum of three workouts a week with the exception of the week I was visiting my family in Chicago and the week of Christmas.  Most weeks, I get in 4 or 5 workouts.  As far as eating goes, I just try to eat a variety of foods and get in fruits and veggies throughout the day.  I can’t always eat perfectly especially at work.  I have to have foods that are portable and quick to eat like granola bars, string cheese, and those amazing fruit/veggie pouches that are made for kids! haha But, when I’m able to be at home to cook lunch and dinner I am able to eat more balanced meals.  Even during the holidays I didn’t indulge too much.  I have to thank my baby for not giving me a sweet tooth; I wasn’t tempted by too many candies or cookies during the holidays.  So far I have gained 20 lbs which is right within the healthy range but I still must admit it’s shocking to see my weight on the scale.  I just have to remember that it’s just right for me and my body and my baby.  As long as I continue to exercise and eat well most of the time, I will continue to have a healthy, easy pregnancy.

My Workouts: 23 to 27 Weeks

Nov 24-30 Week 23 A. Hour walk around Dana Point with Sadie A. 1 RM split jerk 105# then 5×1 at 95# Thanksgiving Chicago Chicago Chicago
12 min EMOM alt 3 power snatch 55# Max reps bb lunges
Dec 1-7 Week 24 Chicago Chicago Chicago A. 5 rounds: 10 kb swings 26# 1 front squat 85# 15 kb swings 2 squats 25 kb swings 3 squats 25 kb swings 1 min rest A. 4 rounds: 20 weighted step-ups 20# db 10 pushups on parallettes 30s plank hold
B. 1000m row
Dec 8-14 Week 25 A. CrossFit Total: 165# back squat, 75# strict press, 185# deadlift A. 800m run 15 push jerk 65# 10 k2c 5 box jumps 20″ 400m run 10 p jerk 75# 5 k2c 15 bj 800m run 5 p jerk 85# 15 k2c 10 bj 23:10 A. 3 rounds: 10 wallball 14# 50m bear crawl A. 5×5 strict press 60# superset with 5×10 supine bent over rows A. EMOM for 10 mins 3 position clean 90#
B. 15-12-9 thrusters 65# ring rows and row for cal B. 5 rounds: 250m row 10 ring dips 20 bb lunges B. EMOM for 10 mins 3 strict pullups 5 ball slams
C. 8 min EMOM 30 du’s 15 kb swings 35# alt mins 2 mins rest then 8 min EMOM 10 prego burpees 10 goblet squats
Dec 15-21 Week 26 A. Fran 21-15-9 thrusters 55# and pullups strict red bands 9:55 A. 10 min EMOM 5 db strict press 25# 20s AD sprint (alternating mins) A. 5×3 tempo back squats 41×1 @65% 105# A. 2 rounds: 50m bear crawl 50 squats 50 kb swings 14:43
B. Bicep curls 35# bar B. 5×3 deadlift 155# every 2 mins B. 5 rounds: 3 power snatch 55# 6 lateral prego burpees 9 dips red bands 12 cal row
C. 4 rounds: 10 kb snatch 26# (5 each arm) 20 oh plate lunges 25#
Dec 22-28 Week 27 A. 10 min EMOM 2 split jerks 85# A. Swole session triceps and delts
B. 5 rounds of: EMOM alt mins 7 cal row, 30 du’s, 6 deadlifts 125#, 6 pushups, 6 wallballs B. 2000m row

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