My Pregnancy Workouts: 14 to 17 Weeks

Now that I am into my second trimester, my workouts have started to change a little bit.  My weights have gone down a little bit more but have basically stayed fairly consistent so I am very happy with that.  Body-weight movements like pullups, pushups, and burpees have gotten a little more awkward both due to my diminishing core strength as my abdominal muscles get stretched out and the fact that I now feel like I have a softball in my lower abdomen.  And, I’m sure the couple extra pounds aren’t helping either! hahaha  I’m not complaining by any means it’s just interesting for me to feel all these changes happening to my body and seeing how they affect my normal workout routine.  I have virtually stopped doing any “core” or “ab” exercises because they feel funny AND with how much I have been sneezing and blowing my nose over the past couple of months (thanks pregnancy rhinitis!) I feel as if I am getting plenty of core work as it is.  I have also observed my appetite start to increase a little but I’m not eating a ton which sometimes confuses people who think I need to “eat for two!”  I just generally try to not get super hungry which means small meals and snacks throughout the day.  My belly is starting to protrude a bit more but most casual observers like to tell me that I don’t even look pregnant.  I know they mean this as a compliment but sometimes it comes off as judgey and I have to refrain from telling them that compared to how small and defined my core was before I got pregnant, the way my belly looks now IS a big change for me.  But, then I might get slapped or possibly be accused of body shaming other pregnant women/moms.  I guess this is just another one of the perks of working out and eating well so sorry, but I’m not sorry about being a mama with muscles!! But rest assured people, I will gain the appropriate amount of weight for my body and my baby I’m just not going to force myself to gain more than I need to.


My Workouts for Weeks 14 to 17:


Sept 22-28 Week 14 A1. 3×5 back squats 115# A. 5×3 push press 75# A. 5×3 front squats 105#
A2. 3xME strict pull-ups B. 15 min Emom min1: 6 front squats 75# min 2: 12 russian kb swings 53# min 3: 24 double unders repeat B. 3 rounds: 500m row 10 hspu 5 squat snatch 65#
B. 10 rounds 30s ball slams 30s rest
Sept 29-Oct 5 Week 15 A. 3x1000m run around inlaws neighborhood with the pup A. Tabata kb swings 26# goblet squats and lunges alternating each interval A. DT 5 rounds of: 12 deadlift 9 hang power cleans 6 push jerk 75# 11:29
Ran up and down the big hill but walked at the top for a bit.
Walked the last one cuz i was getting round ligament pain
Oct 6-12 Week 16 A. Back squat 4×3 125# A. 3000m row A. 5×3 power snatch 65# A. 5×3 front squats 105# A. 2.5 mile hike on SC trails with Alexa and our pups A. 5×1 power clean+1 push press+1 push jerk+1 split jerk at 90#
B. 3 rounds: 400m run 8 pushups 16 front rack lunges 65# 14:20 B. 3×5 strict press 65# B. 3×10 Behind the neck snatch grip strict press 35# B. 21-15-9 deadlifts 135# and ring dips 8:33 B. 4 rounds of : 4 mon AMRAP 4 pullups 8 kb swings 35# 12 squats 2 min rest between rounds
C. 5 rounds: 7 power cleans 80# 50 dus 13:00
Oct 13-19 Week 17 A. 3 back squats EMOM for 8 mins 115# A. 5×2 hang snatch 70# A. 4×5 strict press 55# A. Find heavy single power clean 110# then 6×1 at 90% 100# A. 5 cal Airdyne 10 hang clean 65# 15 pushups 20 lunges 25 pullups 20 lunges 15 pushups 10 hang clean 5 cal Airdyne
B. 10 min easy AD B. 15 min AMRAP 15 deadlift 65# 12 box jumps 20″ 9 push press 65# 5 rounds B. 4×12 bent over row 55# B. 30-20-10 wallballs 14# and burpees
C. 5x1000m around in laws neighborhood alt walk then jog


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