My Pregnancy Workouts: 36 to 40+ Weeks

My Pregnancy Workouts: Weeks 36-40+| dev-mama-with-a-barbell.pantheonsite.ioHow come the final weeks of pregnancy seem to last forever?? The rest of my pregnancy flew by but the last couple of weeks, particularly from week 39 on, seemed to stretch out forever!!  I’m sure that at least some of it had to do with starting maternity leave at 39 weeks.  I’m used to being a very busy person so not having to work gave me way too much free time to sit around and wait to go into labor.  The anticipation was driving me crazy and I didn’t have much to keep me busy to help keep my mind off of it.  Instead, I spent the last couple weeks of my pregnancy trying every trick in the book to get labor started.  Unlike most women, I actually wasn’t uncomfortable or tired of being pregnant.  I felt great; I just really wanted to meet my baby.  So, I continued to exercise, walk, have sex, take evening primrose oil…etc.  I also tortured myself by pouring over internet forums of other mamas due in March to read about how their labors started/went.  It really felt like the longest two weeks of my life!!

I felt great all the way through the day that I went into labor which almost made me more impatient for labor to begin because I kept hoping for some physical signs that my labor was going to start soon.  Working out continued to make me feel good and gave me a little bit of a distraction but, towards the end, I tapered down to mostly walking because I didn’t want to be too tired or worn out if my labor happened to start that day.  Walking was pretty decent exercise at that point.  Especially walking up some pretty steep hills and handling my 65lb pitbull!

My Workouts

February 23-March 1
Week 36
A. 5x10 seated db shoulder press 17.5# 5x10 delt flys 10# plus drop set of eachA. Row 2500mA. 9 min AMRAP 15 pp 35# 10 sumo dl 75# 5 db snatch 25#A. 5x10 bicep curls 5x15 tricep push downs
B. 12 min EMOM alt 15 russian kb swings 35# 15 air squatsB. 6x5 behind the neck snatch grip press 55#B. 6 mins find 1rm c&j 95#B. 4 rounds: 15 thrusters 35# 15 bent over rows 15 lunges
March 2-8
Week 37
A. 5x5 strict press 65#A. Partner wod: 2 min stations alt with partner ball slams box step ups and jump rope 500 reps total A. 3 mile walk with Sadie
B. 2 rounds: 10 back squats 65# 10 rings rows rest 1 min 2 rounds: 12 squats 12 ring rows rest 1 min 2 rounds: 14 squats 14 ring rows
March 9-15
Week 38
A. 5x10 seated db shoulder press and 5x10 delt flysA. 4 rounds: 5 strict pullups 10 cal AD 15 pushups A. 5x5 btn snatch grip press 50#
B. TricepsB. 14 min AMRAP 7 ring rows 7 dips 50 wallballs 14# 100 du's
March 16-22
Week 39
A. 5x5 back squat 95#A. 5x10 seated db press and 5x15 single arm db rowsA. Walk with SadieA. Row 2000m
B. 5 rounds: 200m row 12 bb lunges 12 db ppB. 3 rounds 1 min each: squats pushups kb swings ring rows and restB. 12 min AMRAP 3 db hang cleans 3 strict press 6 cleans 6 press 9 cleans 9 press 12 cleans 12 press
March 23-29 Week 40A. Hour walkA. Hour walk with SadieA. Walk 2 miles with Sadie
B. 10 min alt EMOM 10 ball slams 10 pushupsB. Row 1k

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