My Pregnancy Workouts: 32 to 35 Weeks

My Pregnancy Workouts: 32 to 35 Weeks | dev-mama-with-a-barbell.pantheonsite.ioI am only two days away from my estimated due date as I am trying to motivate myself to finish a couple last minute posts before my baby arrives.  The last month has been a whirlwind of activity trying to get ready for the baby and now I am just eagerly awaiting his arrival.

Weeks 32 to 35 were great weeks for workouts as I look back on my workout log.  Throughout my whole pregnancy I have continued to say how blessed I am to have felt so good but there have definitely been a few ups and downs in terms of how active I am and how many workouts I get in per week.  I have made it a point to never be hard on myself for having a more relaxed week if I was really busy or tired and there are some weeks like these four weeks in which I worked out really consistently and my workouts were pretty tough! As I reflect back on my pregnancy, I am really proud of how I took care of my body and my growing baby and I know that will serve me well as I get ready for labor!

My Workouts

January 26-February 1
Week 32
A. 5x5 strict press 65#A. 3x10 back squat 95#A. 10 min AMRAP 48 single unders 16 alt db snatch 20#
B. 5 rounds: 20 kb swings 35# 500m row B. The Chief 5x3 min AMRAP of 3 hang power cleans 70# 6 pushups 9 air squats
February 2-8
Week 33
A. 6x3 strict press 70# then 3xME at 50#A. 21-15-9 wall balls and ring rowsA. 4x15 bent over rows 70#A. 6x3 behind the neck split jerk 85#A. 5 rounds 15 strict press 50# 400m row
B. 21-15-9 pushups ring rows and goblet squats 35#B. 7 push press 65# every 2 mins for 10 mins B. 4x10 bicep curls 35#
C. 5 min AMRAP squat clean and jerks 65#C. Row 1000m
February 9-15
Week 34
A. 5x5 push press 80#A. 5x5 strict pullups (purple band) and 5x15 back flys 5#A. 5x5 front squat 80#
B. 21-15-9-15-21 kb swings 35# ball slams 20#B. 3x3 mins 21 thrusters 35# and ME burpees B. 15 min AMRAP 20 bb lunges 15 russian kb swings 35# 10 pushups 5 ohs bb
February 16-22
Week 35
A. 4x8 strict press 60# 4x16 bent over rows A. 10 min AMRAP 5 ring rows 10 ring dips 15 squatsA. 5x5 sumo deadlift 125#A. Nutts 10 db strict press 25# 15 DL 105# 25 step ups 20" 50 ring rows 100 wallball 14# 200 du's 500m row
B. 12 min alt EMOM 5 c&j 60# 10 step upsB. 8 rounds: 250m row 0:45 restB. 1600m row

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