And So the Adventure Begins: I’m Pregnant!

Hello everyone! As some of you may or may not know, my husband and I recently made our pregnancy public with, of course, the obligatory social media announcement.


We are extremely excited to share this news with everyone and for the journey that lays ahead of us! I am also excited to practice what I preach as I try to stay healthy and active throughout my pregnancy.  I am going to use this as an opportunity to share my experiences with you (the ups and the downs) so that hopefully other women will be inspired or enlightened about the topic of pregnancy and exercise.

Our Story So Far…

My husband and I had been wanting to start trying to get pregnant for a while but conditions just weren’t right.  After having a very tough year financially in 2013, we were still trying to recover and get back on our feet.  It pained us so much to have to put our dreams of starting a family on hold but both of us just became more dedicated to working hard and doing what we needed to do to get ready.

When you are going through difficult times, it often feels like you will never get out but soon into 2014 things really started to turn around and we were able to save up enough money to finally be able to go on our honeymoon.  We booked our trip to Mexico for the end of May but even during the months leading up to our trip our hope was renewed. Although a vacation is always a big expense even when you get an amazing deal like we did, we knew that whether we were going to be able to start a family soon or not, my husband and I needed to take this opportunity to take a real vacation just the two of us.  And it was amazing!

Then, after coming back from our trip we got wrapped up in a whirlwind of events  that eventually led to some very good news.  Soon after coming back, my husband and I decided that I would have my IUD removed just so we were ready but I was still very unsure about starting to try to get pregnant because we still had some important items on our checklist of requirements that had not been checked off yet.  These included my husband getting a better job and moving closer to my in-laws.  Little did I know, but in less than 3 weeks both of those things would happen.

First came the job.  Only a few days after we got back from our honeymoon, my husband was notified that he was being promoted to manager of the new Nekter store in San Clemente….and he started Monday.  Hallelujah! We were thrilled.  We had been wanting to move south almost ever since my husband decided to move up north to live with me in Long Beach…oops! So, we knew we needed to start searching for a new apartment in southern OC.  Adding to the urgency of finding a new place to live was the fact that we discovered that one of the walls in our apartment in Long Beach was completely disintegrated from water damage (it was mostly hidden behind the washer/dryer) and that it was contaminated with many different types of mold all of which had been aggravating my allergies for who knows how long!  Of course, our landlord had to be a jerk about the whole situation and even though he attempted to fix the issue (with his non-licensed unqualified handyman) he further contaminated our apartment and put our health at risk in the process.  I got very sick during the construction and had to try to avoid being in the apartment as much as possible.

Thankfully, God was watching out for us and we found a cute condo within a week and began packing up.  We were so fortunate to be able to move in basically right away and leave our old apartment with our deposit.  All right in time for my birthday!  Not the typical birthday present but at the time this couldn’t have been more perfect.

So there we were: new home, new job…everything we had worked so hard for and prayed for over the last year had finally come together.  We decided to take another leap of faith and start trying to get pregnant.  After all, who knew how long it would take..a couple months…a year?

Well….we didn’t have to wait long! On July 11, 2014 I got a positive pregnancy test at about 4 weeks along.  My husband and I are so excited, nervous, anxious…everything most newly expecting parents must feel.  But all we can do is take each day at a time and enjoy every step of this crazy new adventure we are embarking on!


As I said earlier, I am thrilled to be able to share my/our story as it unfolds starting with backtracking a little bit to catch up with the present ( I am almost 10 weeks at the moment) so be on the look out for some posts on my early pregnancy experience soon including the workouts that I did during those first few weeks.  I look forward to sharing this info with all of you in the hopes that maybe I can help even just a little bit by sharing my experience.

Much love,

Kimberly, newly-expecting Mama With Muscles



2 thoughts on “And So the Adventure Begins: I’m Pregnant!

  1. danibell says:

    Kim- sooooo excited for you guys! Having you around for support and motivation during my pregnancy was invaluable— I swear that keeping active allowed me to have the best pregnancy possible!!! We’re cooking up #2 now (19 weeks) and feeling great! Only complaint is that I’m not able to get to the gym as often as I’d like right now! Crossfit was the best part of keeping healthy for those 9+months, and I hope it works out as well this time around! So far, no modifications needed, except for ditching trying to get double unders and bar muscle-ups… But feeling strong! Good luck, and have an amazing pregnancy!!! So stoked for you and Ryan, and can’t wait to follow the blog!

  2. OMG!!! That’s so exciting Dani! Congrats! Are you waiting to find out the gender again? Glad to hear that you are feeling well. Even if you aren’t able to make it to the gym (which definitely gets more difficult with a 1 year old I am sure) keep in mind that you can do little wods at home with body-weight exercises or whatever equipment you might have.

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