Postpartum Exercise: Transitioning from Baby Back to the Gym, Part 3

In the last installment, I talked about the importance of slowly easing back into exercise by starting with low impact aerobics and adding some mobility and activation exercises once you are given the go ahead to start a postpartum exercise routine.  In part 3, I am going to discuss the next step: incorporating/reacquainting yourself with Read More

Pullups and Pregnancy: Benefits, Options, and Precautions

Body-weight exercises such as pullups are particularly challenging during pregnancy due to those extra pounds and constant changes in body shape.  But, if done safely, pullups and pullup variations can be an effective exercise to help maintain or build upper body strength during pregnancy.  Pullups work the major muscles of the arms, back, and core Read More

Squats, Pregnancy, and Relaxin: Are Deep Squats Safe?

Does Relaxin Increase Risk of Injury in Deep Squats? In countless websites and articles about exercising during pregnancy, you will commonly read that women should not squat below parallel (in which the knees are at a 90 degree angle) during pregnancy due to the loosening effects of the relaxin hormone on joints and ligaments during pregnancy.  I Read More