Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy |

Lately, it seems that exercising during pregnancy has been a hot topic in the media.  What is most surprising and upsetting about most of the stories and articles I’ve seen is that exercise during pregnancy is portrayed as a controversial topic when in fact there is little controversy or none at all!  The fact is that exercise is good for the mom AND for the baby! There is plenty of anecdotal evidence, and more importantly, science to support this fact.  So, why does it still seem like a debate? Why are we so desperate to cling to potentially harmful ideations of pregnancy: the beliefs that one should eat for two, give in to every craving, or that pregnant women shouldn’t have to lift a finger.  We are so set in our misconceptions that, when a pregnant woman puts herself out there trying to show other women that exercise is not only safe and healthy but also extremely beneficial, people feel the need to ridicule her and regurgitate all the pregnancy exercise myths that society has fed them instead of celebrating these women as fitness role models!  It’s absolutely absurd and a big part of why I feel so compelled to start this blog.

So, let’s get into some truth.  here is a list of just some of the benefits of exercising during pregnancy for mom and/or baby.  I’m sure I will talk about all of these in more detail at some later point but for now I just want to give you an idea of the many wonderful and important effects working out while pregnant can have on you, your baby, your labor/delivery, and recovery.

For the Mama:

  • Increased energy
  • Better Sleep
  • Reduced Stress/Stress Relief
  • Drastically reduced pregnancy discomfort
  • Reduced weight gain (less fat in particular!)
  • Improved self-image
  • Reduced morning sickness
  • Less back and joint aches
  • Reduced swelling and cramps
  • Lower risk of gestational diabetes

For the baby:

  • Lower risk of preeclampsia (leading cause of premature birth)
  • Increased chance of a healthier birth weight (less body fat)
  • Reduced risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease later in childhood and adulthood
  • Baby may develop a healthier heart
  • Your child may grow up to be smarter


  • Preparation for the physical stress of childbirth
  • Shorter labor
  • Greater likelihood of delivering without forceps, C-section, or other intervention


  • Faster recovery after delivery
  • Increased likelihood of staying healthy and lean in the years after delivery
  • Quicker return to pre-pregnancy weight



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