Personal Training

Personal Training

Whether you recently found out you were pregnant, already had your baby, or are hoping to get healthy before conception, you can benefit from personal training.  If you are new to exercise or are worried about what exercises you should/shouldn’t be doing while pregnant, let me show you through one-on-one training sessions.  Even if you are an experienced gym-goer, there are so many changes that take place to your pregnant and the postpartum body that can make working out more challenging and stressful.  Instead of guessing, why not hire a personal trainer who is also a certified prenatal and postnatal fitness specialist?

Are you looking for a trainer that understands both your physical and emotional needs as a female client? Someone who knows firsthand what it takes to tackle those “problem areas” on our bodies with which so many of us struggle? I absolutely LOVE working with female clients and I take pride in the fact that many of my clients tell me that I am an extremely approachable but effective trainer. I enjoy being able to open women’s eyes to new ideas about their fitness and health…to help them achieve goals that they never thought were possible.  Personal training sessions are available at So Cal Boot Camp in south Orange County, CA and I have limited availability for in-home sessions within a 5 mile radius of Dana Point.

Prenatal Personal Training

I have been helping expectant moms all over Southern California stay fit and healthy during their pregnancy and prepare for labor and delivery for the past 6 years.  I have also experienced the benefits of prenatal training firsthand as I exercised right up until the day I gave birth to my son .  In addition, I am certified as a Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist through the AFPA.

Even if you didn’t exercise much before you got pregnant, staying healthy and fit for your unborn child is one of the best gifts you can give them and yourself! However, exercising during pregnancy can be a daunting task but having a trainer who specializes in prenatal personal training to design a safe and effective program just for you can put your mind at ease.

Not to mention, working out during pregnancy has numerous benefits for both mom and baby including relief of many common and annoying pregnancy symptoms. Programming will be tailored to your individual fitness/experience level and will vary to meet the needs of your body as it changes throughout the trimesters. Prenatal personal training sessions will also help you physically prepare for the demands of labor/delivery and motherhood.

Postpartum Personal Training

Almost every woman desires to return to her pre-pregnancy weight and shape after baby is born. For many women, this is no easy task. Why not hire a trainer who knows what they are doing and has helped other women lose the baby weight and feel confident about their postpartum bodies? Postpartum personal training sessions will help get you back to pre-pregnancy fitness levels or BETTER! Just ask some of my clients!

Our sessions will focus specifically on tightening and rebuilding strength in the core (abs and back) in addition to working all the major muscle groups.  I am also able to provide safe and effective abdominal exercises to treat diastasis recti (abdominal separation). Finally, I will help you develop and maintain a level of health and fitness that will allow you to be the mom you want to be: full of life and energy!

Weight and Fat Loss

Most people seek the help of a personal trainer to help them achieve their weight and/or fat loss goals.  Whether you have a significant amount of weight to lose or are just looking to shed those last few stubborn pounds, I can get you the results you desire! The truth is that many women, often steered in the wrong direction by health/fitness magazines and supposed health “guru’s”, go about trying to lose fat in all the wrong ways.  So if you are tired of endless hours of cardio and trying to survive on 1000 calories a day, let me help steer you in the right direction.  Not only will I help you lose weight and fat but I will teach you how to keep it off!

Health and Fitness

While most of my clients initially seek out my services to help them with their weight or fat loss goals, the most important benefit of personal training is achieving optimal health and fitness levels.  Of course it’s great to look good in a bikini but the long term benefits of working with a personal trainer are of much more value.  My goal as a trainer is to help women improve their fitness levels so that they are prepared physically for any activity, event, competition, or even just life in general.  The life of a mom is hard work and it’s even harder if you aren’t physically fit.  Chasing after toddlers, carrying groceries, picking up the baby…. the demands of everyday life are the most important reasons for improving your fitness.

Your overall health is directly related to your fitness level.  Make no mistake: if you aren’t getting some form of exercise at least a couple times a week, you are not healthy! While some women may be able to do it on their own, most benefit greatly from the help of a personal trainer to keep them accountable.  Investing in a trainer now is an investment in your lifelong health.


Personal Training starts as low as $60 per 1 hour session (for in gym sessions).  Contact me for more details!